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tv   Headline News  RT  February 2, 2013 7:00pm-7:28pm EST

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cairo witnesses some of the waters of violence in a week of on rest as protesters battle police near the presidential palace a tough police response with tear gas and water cannons left more than fifty wounded in one day. at a peace deal on syria could already have been reached if all sides had kept the promises made during the geneva conference to russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov who was speaking at the first meeting with the leader of the syrian national coalition the country's biggest opposition group. you store a west home is best the u.k. government plans to persuade romanians and bulgarians the old saying is true as it fears the influx of immigrants will become overwhelming this comes as london and bucharest are at odds over plans to limit the number of romanians entering the u.k. . russia marking seventy years since the battle of stalingrad one of the bloodiest battles in history that left two million dead and change the course of the second world war.
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four am in moscow. good to have you with us here on r t we start tonight in cairo where one person has been killed more than fifty injured as protests against mohamed morsy turned violent pyrotechnics and petrol bombs were used by protesters who managed to reach the presidential palace police responded with tear gas and water cannons reporter bell true saw the mayhem. i personally witnessed a lot of police brutality there's been a criticism of the police in the ministry of interior i'm off the footage was broadcast all the proof of a protest a street beaten and dragged across the tarmac i saw this with my own eyes it could just but i this balcony the man who did not picture any resistance or any threats towards the police caught his trousers by his ankles was dragged face down and then
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a hit with truncheons before being taken off in a vehicle and later i also saw a police down an employee of a restaurant just off the front line the man was trying to get home he said before the police officer but shocked shocked him he fell to the ground a mistake taken by an ambulance this comes off to protest is three month talks on the promise yesterday after which the security forces of replying to waive the excessive use of tear gas many people are condemning the police this morning saying this is another example of all the police to come if you just make insecurity pulled his hands of one of the keep him on the revolution something the president must address there are still people on to her square and protest plans in the future opposition forces on not it's backing down there has been pools from both sides for dialogue the president said and so awesome dialogue with the opposition forces ahmed el baradei one of the leader of another starvation front says he would
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engage in dialogue on the condition that they would be the day the government would be to resign and national salvation government would take over and the constitution would be revoked the president himself has said he will not this in t.v. set preconditions we do you see this you see this kind of company any time in the future so we expect the violence in the streets the protests across the country in the coming weeks according to activists yasser ismail violence in the country is partly the result of mubarak's security apparatus still being in place. it is very unfortunate that. he's repeating the mistake over well. as the mubarak of egypt. did i believe he was asleep people that run the country in the same fashion and that's very unfortunate but the good outcome of barak was very very clear and i don't think you have a second to them to look forward to war with this guy with this practice continuing on the street and the brutality and the lack of security the unemployment and yes
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meet the new generation drug problem really for forcing his agenda on the people. there was nothing changing the reality that people are working and training under mubarak for thirty years they are running from the c m s y e books the ground is the people who cools the only way to know what to do with the top echelons of the police is still there and running the country with a seat that big the learn. the dealership of mubarak and they don't know how to do it differently or you can always check our twitter feed for the latest on what's happening in cairo and bell true his report we saw earlier is also posting her own updates.
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russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov met with the leader of syria's major opposition party the first direct talks with the leader of the syrian national coalition were held in private on the sidelines of the munich security conference both sides agreed there's a mountain to climb before negotiations between rebels and the government could become real. this is the biggest security conference really in the world and arguably syria is one of the biggest security issues in the world right now sergey lavrov sat down for a meeting with more is out of the t.v. he's the leader of the syrian national coalition the foreign minister of russia coming away seemingly quite happy from the meeting he said upon his arrival back in moscow that swell. the syrian national coalition seemed willing to speak with
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the current syrian government citing the fact that the whole reason that the national coalition exists in the first place is because they had previously refused to talk to president assad however sergey lavrov did err on the side of caution saying that there was no guarantees that this dialogue would take place bringing up the point that the coalition is so frank mended they can hardly really agree with themselves never mind sit down to open the gates see ations with the current syrian government syria featured very highly in the address that was given by sigil of rove to the the security conference he also told directly to russia's western partners as sin called for unity and trying to bring an end to the violence and bring discussion to the forefront rather than talk of international intervention he did however raise a few questions towards russia's western partners suggesting there was it worth
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while pursuing their months of regime change in countries like syria at the expense of terrorist acts being cast a blind eye to as those acts take place against the civilian population and the the syrian army we also saw around two thousand people gather elsewhere in munich in protest against what they say is they just continuing growth across europe that was relatively peaceful but it was also a topic that had been touched on by surrogate laughed it off in his address where he said that there was no real need for nato to expand in the way that it was in those two thousand or so people in the city also voicing the similar opinion. the back from university of roehampton thinks the syrian opposition has turned to diplomacy because it's been exhausted from fighting assad's forces. the rebel coalition is deeply divided within itself and it has tried very hard. to. dictate its own terms with the supposed of the united states and the
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syrian opposition coalition is insistent on not having talks with the russians but it has reached a point where it is frustrated and knows that it is very difficult to dislodge the assad regime it is something of a diplomatic victory in my view for the russians who have been at least publicly consistently. pressing for docs and so far the russian the russian requests for. diplomacy have been rebuffed. human rights activists have accused the french back in mali an army of committing reprisal attacks extrajudicial killings and torture the outcries reached the un with insanity genocide envoy saying he was deeply disturbed by the findings
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meanwhile france's presence on a visit to mali where his forces are fighting the islamist militants he doubts that that the campaign it won't be a long term deployment and operations are likely to end in the coming weeks than paris will reap rewards according to furrows manji from the council for the development of social science research in africa. not this intervention does it strengthen the arm of a group of junior officers who took control of the state and who are just simply. so i mean the reports we get from ali from boma code is how these troops just simply control everything and not interested in any kind of development they're only interested in acquiring wealth for themselves they go in they rock banks complete impunity they control the economy now and with complete impunity they are now the sort of. i guess you know the servants now. of the french and the u.s.
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but their real agenda has been to set up mali to to the french and to the corporations mollies a place with enormous amount of of all wealth so if you're a new book site gold and so on and there's no doubt that french canadian and upper interests are clearly interested in occupying that territory. crude violation another dent in the oil embargo against iran adding to washington's headaches especially when the train routes are in this case pentagon and the illegal fuel purchases are paid for with taxpayer dollars more on that sanction busting later in the program. before we get to that relations between romania and the u.k. have been particularly or haven't been particularly warm this week bucharest expressed concerns over london's plans to extend restrictions on romanians looking to work in britain this after london's attempt to scare off potential migrants with ads highlighting the drawbacks of living there are probably waco reports on why
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u.k. officials sought to sully their own country's reputation. as one official put it the negative ad campaign about britain would help to dispel the myth that the streets in the u.k. all paved with gold and the politicians certainly are worried and they've got it wrong in the past the previous year was the year of the olympics and politicians trump and trumpeting great britain and how long and in britain is the best destination the world billions of pounds poured into advertising to really sell the u.k. but it seems that for immigrants potential immigrants from rumania i'm from ball garia the message is that britain isn't so great after all so a lot of people used to use that sort of as quite farcical the fact that the government is willing to trash its own image and to admit that there are problems with the economy in disarray that there's a housing crisis and that there are problems with schools and hospitals everyone's been having a good old chuckle over the idea of
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a negative ad campaign and yes some people have actually said that it's quite insulting but remain ians them for vogue ariens but one newspaper has even suggested that people send in their own suggestions for what an anti britain poster would look like and the result has been really quite scathing and quite harsh to britain as a country we've got slogans that include u.k. yuck and come to britain and clean the toilets or even britain we haven't left ourselves because the public transport isn't running so people very sort of mocking at the same time but quite scathing about the country westminster is bound by law so they have to follow these rules and they have to allow anybody who wishes to come over in twenty fourteen to enter the country but a lot of citizens in the u.k. feel that it's insulting to those people and a waste of money having advertised britain previously. mania newspapers
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hit back with a series of ads on why romania is so much better than the u.k. among the qualities that appear on the list are beautiful women who look like kate middleton and cheap booze click over to our t dot com and maybe you too could be persuaded to head to bucharest a turkish radical group has claimed responsibility for the suicide attack at the u.s. embassy in after the break expert opinion on why turkey is now becoming a target of domestic terrorism stay with us here on r.t. . here the reindeer is interesting for the burger. and when it's not for. people to help. the distances are.
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well the remedy. for staying with us here on r t fifteen minutes past the hour now u.s.
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forces in afghanistan may have been running on iranian oil and a clear violation of washington's ofi only fuel embargo against the islamic state the pentagon's admitted it can't vouch for the source of years worth of fuel due to a complicated supply chain system or he's got his she has more from washington. the u.s. gives money to the afghan government to buy fuel for its forces now u.s. officials especially inspector general for afghanistan reconstruction say they cannot verify that the fuel purchased for afghan security forces in recent years did not come from iran it could be their way of saying that it most probably did come for iran and it could mean that the u.s. has violated its own sanctions thereby letting us taxpayer dollars go to the remaining coffers those sanctions that the u.s. has put in place not only bar u.s. companies from doing business with iran but also punish third party countries for doing business with iran but no matter how many rounds of sanctions are in effect
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they were never watertight even though the european union under a lot of pressure from washington stopped buying uranium oil you have a host of other countries that still do iran's biggest buyer now biggest buyers now are china india and japan and these countries are oil thirsty especially china so china imports of uranium oil india's imports of iranian crude were up thirty percent according to tanker arrival data western sanctions have it rains oil exports in two thousand and twelve leading to a very deep plunge in the iranian currency but continuous robust demand from its top buyers as well as the purchase of new tankers allowed the way in to unexpectedly boost exports late last year despite the sanctions the u.s. can't absolutely force those major economies especially china to stop buying from iran political and economic ramifications of such pressure would be significant but the u.s.
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government is trying their prompting those other countries to buy oil from washington's allies saudis and qataris so you could imagine how happy the gulf states are about this whole new business coming in but washington is resolute to put more pressure on other countries to put forward more threats like cutting them off from u.s. banking system so to many countries the situation starts to look more like blackmail than anything else. sanctions violations and or rhetoric surrounding iran all proving great creative fuel for our website cartoonists ahmadinejad and other themes are a click away at r.t. dot com we have an exclusive comics section that you should check out an extreme leftist organization has claimed responsibility for the suicide attack on the us embassy in turkey capital on corrupt the group condemns us foreign policy and its influence on turkish politics a security guard was killed when a bomber detonated his explosives at the mission's entrance friday lawrence freeman from the executive intelligence review magazine explains why turkey has become
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a target for radicals. it's obvious right now that there's a whole escalation in the tire region going. into literally and president. obama administration. in these areas has obviously inflamed. the insurgents to the point that they are now targeting these western powers however the united states and the british and the french are also supporting teams of thousands of jihadi treatments in syria and in other parts of the region so you have will welcome where trained terrorists on the border region with turkey and syria probably now inside turkey so i think this is very bad news is obviously great opposition inside turkey and i think the the president other prime minister is behaving foolish to actually have
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this close working relationship with the west and he's actually undermining his own country and his own security. turned out of some other stories making headlines across the globe eight people have been arrested when israeli military broke up a palestinian camp in the west bank camp was set up to protest against the expansion of israeli settlements in the area the army fired tear gas and stun grenades to disperse the activists. funeral services held for soldiers killed in saturday's attack on an army post in northwest pakistan the taliban assault left thirty five dead including twelve attackers ten civilians and thirteen members of the armed forces were among those killed a spokesman for the group said it was in retaliation for a u.s. drone strike on two taliban commanders last month. angry supporters of the ultra right wing golden dawn party marched past the u.s. embassy in a torchlight procession or chanting anti-american anti turkish slogans the market.
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one thousand nine hundred six incident that brought turkey and greece to the brink of war at that time a greek helicopter had crashed over a disputed island in the aegean sea that the turkish military was accused of down and further escalation of the conflict was halted by a diplomatic intervention by washington. in spain hundreds of protesters took to the streets demanding prime minister or a hallway resign over corruption allegations reports emerge over who i had gotten more than two hundred fifty thousand euros worth of secret payments over ten years he's ninety allegations and vowed not to step down the opposition is planning more demonstrations if he continues in office pictures or seeing some from the first from our he's recently found an international video news agency ruptly. it was one of the bloodiest battles in human history and a turning point in the second world war seventy years ago the soviet union snatch
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victory and stalin grad defeating the nazi war machine there are these tom barton followed the commemoration. the great modern day volgograd to mark the end of that terrible battle seventy years ago with a parade by troops the mangled wreaths from various delegations i'm the assembled crowds here remembering all those people that died as many as two million were told this say there's also a little bit of consultancy surrounding the name stalin grasp the city's now. but the city administration say that they want on certain special days to once again refer to it by its old name stalingrad which is a controversial decision given its connection to that controversial figure stalin himself but as for this parade today this commemorative events it will ever have the connection to would stalin grudge not with this place but with what
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happened to him. seventy years ago the nazi war machine failed at stalingrad. here a reconstruction of the german surrender and dre is playing the part of powerless promoted the day before to field marshal by hitler in a bid to stop him capitulating. to when paul is realized that hitler wanted him to commit suicide he said he wouldn't give him such pleasure and he chose to live. for nazi germany this military disaster was the moment hitler's hubris really caught up with him for the soviet union it was at last a decisive victory over the invaders the ravage so much of the country this basement of stalin grad's largest department store had become palaces last headquarters soviet officers entered to find it packed with wounded starving and freezing german soldiers this is what had become of what had started out as the largest army the world had ever seen. the velma six army had surged up to the city
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in the summer of one nine hundred forty two hitler wanted to clear the way to the oil of the caucasus but stalin grad but first a sideshow became an object of obsession for both him and stalin fyodor fort for his very life battling house to house as the germans and their allies took ninety percent of the city took the quest and get out of town gretta was how the ball there was a river of fire and when we went to get water from it it was water and blood mixed . in november soviet commander of sprung a huge trap cutting german forces off from the supply lines surrounding them inside the frozen city by the end of january it was all but over the city was a ruin only the few biggest buildings remained standing. she was buddies but you know absolutely far people it was very important because finally we stopped
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retreating offices the general started to learn how to win at stalingrad as many as two million people died in the battle their bodies still being discovered today but although the red army and the soviet people didn't know it yet they had reached a turning point in the bloodiest war in human history tom watson. finally in the news barker jerusalem football squad whose fans are known for racist empty arab chances signed to muzzles to the team for the first time but supporters are openly disappointed at the move that some say is like welcoming the enemy or his policy or reports. the games in there but the actions out here the israeli football team they told us of them is making headlines not for what it does on the pitch but what it does oafish the only leading team in the country never to have signed an arab player because of family pressure is a bastion of israel's political right for if i am one other thing i am the don't
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love that the enemy will be a player in my team or you could see. the. chance like this we hate all arabs only the target of the race is croquet no it doesn't happen often but tonight's match is between d'etat jerusalem and a local israeli arab team the police are not taking any chances which is why these gates are for the jewish fans and the other side of the stadium is for the palestinian supporters now the match has just finished and as you see the bait tajiri some supporters are walking out behind me but it will be another hour and a half before the police give permission to the arab fans to leave the stadium but keeping the two sides apart does little to dispel the hatred in march last year hundreds of baitullah fans rampaged through jerusalem or after a game chanting death to the arabs and randomly attacking arab workers orders are
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they trying to say that there are just a few rhesus five to twenty people but that's not right racism is in the d.n.a. of the steam it's in their blood. we fetched is a football legend in israel he was the first ever to play for the israel national team and to represent the country at the olympic games. i remember playing against the steam their supporters cursed me because i'm an arab muslim if this is not rhys's and what is it that problem is about to get a whole lot bigger t.-mo know russian israeli tycoon at a coyote guide imac recently announced his decision to hire two muslim payers from chechnya. it's no good they're doing it for nothing these players from chechnya and with the jewish people they're not with the team we have different values while other countries have faced international sanctions for racist incitement by fans israel has so far avoided such close scrutiny but fears are growing that the beautiful game there is slowly being turned into
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a source of violence racism and hatred paula say r.t. jerusalem and still to come after the break at look at life for people who live in some of the coldest places on earth stay with us here on r.t. . you know i can kind of sort of understand the mindset of an evil dictator i have trouble understanding what is going on or maybe not going on in the minds of the terrified cogs who believe all the propaganda give up all their rights for the illusion of safety to coach jerry seinfeld who are these people well maybe some of them may be working at your local school.


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